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En este trabajo, estudiamos la generación de peines de frecuencias ópticas con base en moduladores electrópticos y fibras altamente no lineales, con el objetivo de implementar nuevas configuraciones y generar espectros con el mayor ancho de banda y alta coherencia entre las frecuencias generadas, aprovechando componentes comerciales disponibles en las comunicaciones ópticas. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Nosotros implementamos un peine de frecuencias ópticas basado en efectos no lineales a través de una fibra óptica altamente no lineal combinándolo con modulación electroóptica. Los resultados experimentales muestran un peine de frecuencias ópticas con más de 100 nm de ancho de banda centrado en 1550 nm y con 25 GHz de separación entre las frecuencias, usando dos láseres continuos.</p> José Luis Saquinaula Brito José Muñoz Salcedo Jhonny Ortiz Mata Alberto León Batallas Copyright (c) 2022 José Luis Saquinaula Brito, José Muñoz Salcedo , Jhonny Ortiz Mata , Alberto León Batallas 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 6 1 1 13 10.46480/esj.6.1.132 Dance as a teaching strategy for strengthening intercultural skills in the classroom <p>The purpose of this intervention work is to implement dance as a strategy for intercultural promotion in the students of the 3rd BGU of the Educational Unit Seis de Octubre de Ventanas, largely according to the existing intercultural problems in various parts of the world, considering the Ecuador a diverse country in culture. The identification of the various cultures in the classroom is carried out through a constructivist plan, in order to use the didactic method for the design of a proposal for an intercultural dance festival, capable of being evaluated and presented at the institution level. where students learn to identify and respect the existing diversity, customs and a harmonious coexistence within the classroom in addition to strengthening bonds of fellowship. Considering this research as a contribution to the improvement of quality and educational environment in the institution promoting social training in values.</p> Karina Rocío Rendón Centeno Nelly Jackeline Méndez Terán Connie Patricia Rodríguez Arechúa Petra Lucia Ramírez Martínez Copyright (c) 2022 Karina Rocío Rendón Centeno, Nelly Jackeline Méndez Terán, Connie Patricia Rodríguez Arechúa, Petra Lucia Ramírez Martínez 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 6 1 14 22 10.46480/esj.6.1.182 Analysis of centralized computer security systems through the alienvault ossim tool <p class="Abstractandkeywordscontent"><span lang="EN-US">An analysis is made on the use and effectiveness of centralized systems in computer security in order to show that with this free tool we can monitor threats, for this purpose a general study of the computer tool used to protect information called ALIENVAULT OSSIM, is open source and is focused on evaluating the vulnerabilities of information systems and intrusion detection, analyzing each of these events to be able to offer a detailed report of all monitored operations, such as collection functions, normalization and event correlation. In order to protect their data and equipment, users use SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) in network security to protect data accessible through it and that may be subject to modification, stolen or misused, as a solution and is implemented for threat management and incident response management. Fortunately, there is a way to make use of SIEM management, by implementing AlienVault's OSSIM (Open Source SIEM).</span></p> Enrique Colon Ferruzola Gómez Oscar Xavier Bermeo Almeida Lissett Margarita Arévalo Gamboa Copyright (c) 2022 Enrique Colon Ferruzola Gómez, Oscar Xavier Bermeo Almeida, Lissett Margarita Arévalo Gamboa 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 6 1 23 31 10.46480/esj.6.1.181 Interactive software to support the process and learning of mathematics for the first of high school <p>The objective of the research is to develop an interactive software to strengthen the process of teaching Mathematics in the students of the first year of high school of the Educational Unit "Six of October" of the canton Ventanas. The approach is quantitative, for the investigation a sample of students was considered where a survey was applied, allowing to determine the scarce application of ICT in the teaching-learning process. The evaluation of the users served to determine the degree of feasibility of the application of technology in the educational teaching process improves academic performance, so it is recommended to integrate interactive software in educational practice since it is an innovative tool, it motivates the educating and developing authentic performances.</p> Flor Maribel Lasso Cambo Maritza Pilar Ilbay Zatan Eulogia Mercedes Sánchez Pluas Angy Yolimar Zambrano Toapanta Copyright (c) 2022 Flor Maribel Lasso Cambo, Maritza Pilar Ilbay Zatan, Eulogia Mercedes Sánchez Pluas, Angy Yolimar Zambrano Toapanta 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 6 1 32 41 10.46480/esj.6.1.183 Nutritional value and bioactive compounds of spirulina: Potential food supplement <p>Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is currently considered a superfood because of the great concentrate that it contains of amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates, also for the benefits it brings to health. We find it in natural waters that are alkaline, for its growth it needs CO<sub>2</sub> which will allow it to carry out photosynthesis, making a comparison with other products, it has more proteins than soy and beef. The consumption of the superfood has an antioxidant action that allows to neutralize the chemical responses of the body, it also eliminates toxins as does the intestinal liver, in turn, thanks to the presence of prebiotics, it favors weight loss and increases immune function since it provides antibodies. capable of fighting against various chronic processes, such as malignant tumors.</p> Rafael Malpartida Y. Luz Aldana F. Karen Sánchez S. Luis Gómez H. Jhon Lobo P. Copyright (c) 2022 RAFAEL JULIAN MALPARTIDA YAPIAS 2022-03-31 2022-03-31 6 1 42 51 10.46480/esj.6.1.133