Vulnerability mitigation in an ISP core network: A case study

Keywords: Mikrotik, RouterOS, Attack, Mitigation, ISP


Cybersecurity incidents in ISP (Internet Service Provider) infrastructure have grown significantly and it is necessary to identify vulnerabilities that need immediate protection. In this environment, the firewall can filter data packets, analyzing the headers and deciding about the routing of the packet based on the established rules. This device is very essential in an ISP network because it mitigates the vulnerabilities coming from the network, maintaining a higher degree of computer security for your internal network, thus guaranteeing the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the information. In the case study, a Mikrotik brand infrastructure was selected with a proprietary operating system called RouterOS, which will function as a core router, where the security rules will be applied to your firewall for each type of attack that will be generated against the router. , whether they are internal or external attacks on the network, avoiding causing serious security failures such as being the victim of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack, brute force attacks, etc. As a result, a 50% decrease in CPU consumption was obtained in each attack generated, thus achieving the proper functioning of the network infrastructure and guaranteeing stability and availability of the communications network.


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