Ecuadorian Journal of Science, Research and Innovation is seeking qualified researchers as members of the Editorial team/Review team. Our journal will serve as a great resource for researchers and students across the globe. We ask you to support this initiative by joining our editorial team. If you are interested in serving as a member of the editorial team, kindly send us your resume to [email protected]

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    Ecuadorian Journal of Science, Research and Innovation reports that contributions are permanently received in all fields of research.

    All contributions must provide the following:

    1. Manuscript without the authors' data.
    2. Presentation letter.
    3. Manuscript information, and authors (If this information is not provided in the specific format, the review process will not proceed).
    4. Copyright.

    IMPORTANT: All contributions must be sent through this web platform. Otherwise, the review and subsequent publication process will not start, if it merits it.

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