Utilization of the futures and options in the Ecuadorian Financial Market

  • Lucy Tanya Morales Sanchez Universidad Estatal de Milagro
Keywords: Financial, Futures, Market, Options, Utilization


The use of futures and options in the Ecuadorian financial market in which it is reflected that there is a large volume of negotiations with the so-called tools; futures contracts and option contracts, knowing that these are traded in the main international financial environments where these types of contracts are commonly given, while in our country they are commonly used by farmers in their operations in which they are channeled daily. The most relevant concerns of entrepreneurs in a system of constant negotiation, without an inflationary constant, allowing the investor to select among those the most convenient at the time of his investment or the one that best suits his needs as an investor in the Ecuadorian financial market, depending mainly on its cost structure, price expectations in the financial market of our country that applies it very little in comparison to other international markets.


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Morales Sanchez, L. T. (2018). Utilization of the futures and options in the Ecuadorian Financial Market. Ecuadorian Science Journal, 2(2), 13-16. https://doi.org/10.46480/esj.2.2.17
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