Financial Derivates

  • Kenya Denisse Barriga Haz Universidad Estatal de Milagro
Keywords: Underlying assets, Derivatives, Legislation, Options


In the Ecuador many financial derivatives exist as the options which are considered to be negotiable values of agreement to the laws, procedure and in force codes in the country. For the contracts of options it is necessary to bear his regulations in mind well, since every country determines them in order that to the moment of his contractual celebration no important aspect is excluded and especially that both parts that intervene in the contract agree with every with determined in the same one, but in this type of alone contract one has the obligation and also it exists a type of guarantee named occupies first place for what if it does not manage to complete the contract in the certain date it is necessary to to pay the above mentioned premium. The contracts options qualify in puts and call the two are purchases and sales of underlying assets in which they are negotiated by the Stock exchange that can be in Quito or in Guayaquil but always having present the Ecuadoran regulations as the Law of stock market, Civil Code, Code of Trade, Organic Law of Institutions Of The Financial System, the Law of Stock market, the Codification of Monetary, Financial Resolutions, Of Values And Insurances.


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