Analysis of centralized computer security systems through the alienvault ossim tool

  • Enrique Colon Ferruzola Gómez Universidad Agraria del Ecuador, Ecuador
  • Oscar Xavier Bermeo Almeida Universidad Agraria del Ecuador, Ecuador
  • Lissett Margarita Arévalo Gamboa Universidad Estatal de Milagro, Ecuador


An analysis is made on the use and effectiveness of centralized systems in computer security in order to show that with this free tool we can monitor threats, for this purpose a general study of the computer tool used to protect information called ALIENVAULT OSSIM, is open source and is focused on evaluating the vulnerabilities of information systems and intrusion detection, analyzing each of these events to be able to offer a detailed report of all monitored operations, such as collection functions, normalization and event correlation. In order to protect their data and equipment, users use SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) in network security to protect data accessible through it and that may be subject to modification, stolen or misused, as a solution and is implemented for threat management and incident response management. Fortunately, there is a way to make use of SIEM management, by implementing AlienVault's OSSIM (Open Source SIEM).


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Ferruzola Gómez, E. C., Bermeo Almeida, O. X., & Arévalo Gamboa, L. M. (2022). Analysis of centralized computer security systems through the alienvault ossim tool. Ecuadorian Science Journal, 6(1), 23-31.
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