CAMATE: Design of interior-based cane guadua and mate

  • Jaijasiel Margarita Acurio Saucedo Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
  • Leydi Katiuska Freire Acosta Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
  • Washington Xavier Yepez Rizo Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
  • Steveen Alonso Chonillo Amaiquema Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
  • Alex Jose Franco Solis Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
Keywords: Cane guadua, Mate, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Society


Camate is an enterprise that develops solutions based on Reed interior design bamboo and Matt, looking for a different way to design and decorate spaces recreational, tourist, home and office.
All of our solutions are designed in a very friendly environment framework, that we cause a social impact on the community provider of raw materials located in the canton Montalvo, province of Los Ríos, improving their living conditions. During the investigation we found a canton citizen who possesses skills, skills in handling, cane handicrafts made from bamboo and mate, so we decided to carry out a collaborative work which is to be responsible monitor each of our creations.
Juan Facundo Saucedo Zurita, in a gentle way shared their expertise with our team both of the raw material, the case of the bamboo cane procedure, must meet a drying period of two to three months in the shade depending on the season, but the most appropriate It would be in winter and a "friendly" climate (dried natural chemical-free) so do not break or quarter, contain scores is used which are good or healthy state. On the other hand, the mate must meet a time of at least three to five weeks then it picked for best results when making the cuts, when it is cool mate is very glassy and part on either side for what to expect adequate time to work it.
In the field research carried out in the vicinity of Montalvo area noted that its main use is to use the clumps of Matt as boundaries of agricultural land, in the case of the bamboo cane this grows sporadically and in great quantity on the banks of the river s and wooded areas of this canton by which is very affordable to acquire this raw.


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Acurio Saucedo, J. M., Freire Acosta, L. K., Yepez Rizo, W. X., Chonillo Amaiquema, S. A., & Franco Solis, A. J. (2018). CAMATE: Design of interior-based cane guadua and mate. Ecuadorian Science Journal, 2(1), 5-7.
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