Directions of Production Planning & Production Control System: Mathematical Evolution from the Flexibility Point of View

  • Ajay Kumar Agarwal Mechanical Engg. Department, I.K.G.P.T.U, Jalandhar
  • Rakesh Kumar Mechanical Engg. Department, S.B.S.S.T.C, Ferozepur
Keywords: Production Planning and Production Control, Flexibility Factor, Flexible Manufacturing System, Production System Design, Enterprise Resource Planning, Job Shop, Flow Shop


Production Planning and Production Control systems are some of the keys that determine the development of modern production systems. The article presents the importance of a flexibility factor in the process of manufacturing, planning, and control systems development during the 20th century. Finally, actual problems and trends in the production system design and control over the design were perceived in addition to possible feasible directions of the development of manufacturing systems, probably in the 21st century were specified. Production planning and production control are usually painstaking to be one of the most noteworthy issues in the planning and operation of a manufacturing structure. A better planning system has a significant bang on cost reduction, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall spirited improvement for a product. Also, the current customer demand for prominent diversity products has put into an increase in product complications that further lay emphasis on necessitates for superior planning. Proficient planning leads to the amplification in capability exploitation competence and, therefore, thereby reducing the operational time required to intact jobs and accordingly escalating the profitability of an organization in the current spirited environment. There are different systems of manufacturing, planning, and control for a job-shop together with flow-shop in which the jobs are to be a progression through a series of machines for an optimizing number of required performance measures


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