Adolescent alcoholism and its effects on academic behavior

  • Yenny Piedad Cedeño Carrasco Unidad Educativa Seis de Octubre
  • Rosa Apolonia Aspiazu Miranda Unidad Educativa Seis de Octubre
  • Lourdes Lastenia Mazacon Vásquez Unidad Educativa Seis de Octubre
  • Lidia Piedad Suárez Berruz Unidad Educativa Seis de Octubre
Keywords: Alcoholism, students, dependence


The research goal is to know the origin and effect of adolescent alcoholism, focusing on these effects on academic performance. The problem lies in how adolescents are influenced by various factors and are inducted into the world of excess alcohol, resulting in low academic performance, as their level of learning decreases. The importance of knowing the origin is fundamental since this will allow proposing solutions and proposals to reduce or eradicate the adolescent consumption of alcohol, we take as a sample the students of the educational unit "Seis de Octubre de Ventanas" and the educational community that conform. The analysis of the result was obtained by tabulating the applied surveys that allowed us to draw up the conclusions and recommendations to eradicate alcohol dependence in young adolescents. The research methodology is the field modality through a feasible project that will allow the application of the proposal to solve the problem.


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Cedeño Carrasco, Y. P., Aspiazu Miranda, R. A., Mazacon Vásquez, L. L., & Suárez Berruz, L. P. (2021). Adolescent alcoholism and its effects on academic behavior. Ecuadorian Science Journal, 5(1), 20-23.
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