Detection of Deformation and Failure of Composites using FEM on an Optimized Laminar Plate

  • Darwin Patiño Pérez Universidad de Guayaquil
  • Celia Munive Mora DeSales University
  • Tayrol Balarezo Zurita Universidad de Guayaquil
  • Ruth Rodríguez Macías Universidad de Guayaquil
Keywords: Finite Elements, Optimization, Composites, Elastic Behavior, Failure Criteria


In the present study, the application of the optimization methods used in Ansys is exposed, as well as the numerical analysis based on the Finite Element Method (FEM), for the detection of deformation and failure as well as elastic behavior. linear of different composite materials used on a rectangular laminar plate to be optimized; Each composite has inherent properties that classify and differentiate between them, as well as their coefficients of elasticity, stiffness and resistance. In the study, a script is created (code in APDL) that is executed in a graphical environment to show its displacement, deformation index and the volume, which is tried to minimize without violating the failure criteria established by Tsai-Wu. In addition, for optimization modes, the APDL code via script is executed in batch from the command line to save processing times. This script has been developed to optimize the rectangular plate and to be able to minimize the volume of the required material without exceeding the failure rate in order to determine which is the type of material that best adjusts to the linear elastic behavior.


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Patiño Pérez, D., Munive Mora, C., Balarezo Zurita, T., & Rodríguez Macías, R. (2021). Detection of Deformation and Failure of Composites using FEM on an Optimized Laminar Plate. Ecuadorian Science Journal, 3(2), 39-46.
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